Welcome to me


First place at the Loretta Lynn’s GNCC in 2011.

I kinda like motorcycles. Actually, I kinda like just about anything with 2 wheels.  I have been freaky about 2 wheelers since I was a teenager.  I will ride or race pretty much anything with 2 wheels. At 57, I am happy with my ability.  I am an ok rider, not great, but ok. I am faster than some people, but not as fast as others. I am ok with that.   But, I get really gaga over just about any day on a 2 wheeler.I worked at Trek Bicycle for 30 years, now I am pretty much just chasing my 2 wheeler passion all over the place. (And eating taco’s and drinking too many Cortado’s).





Sometimes, I can at least look pretty fast. I am not sure this is one of those times.


Racing the CX bike.


Moab – I’ve gotten to ride in some pretty cool places.


Park City

I post up on my blog, things I find interesting and things I find odd.  I also talk about Pearl Jam and my irrational love of Oatmeal.  Don’t ask, it will all make sense along the way.



Dyracuse 2009!

This photo is from the first GNCC in Florida 2008. I like it because I am doing what I do best, lounging around eating. I was even caught me with my mouth full of sandwich.


My brother, me and my brother in law, doing what we normally are doing at Thanksgiving when we are not riding – Beer, sitting in the driveway.


2 responses to “Welcome to me

  1. jonthan stueck

    The video of Marquette looked great! However you only showed the easy part. What about the walls of slimy moss covered rocks or should I say moon rocks. I broke my tripple clamp in that section 8 years ago. I guess trees will do that to you. Come to think of it I think thier is a conspiracy among trees against me, ahhhhhhhhhhh fond memories it makes me want to get my bike out of moth balls. Hopefully I can make it around my house twice this year instead of once. Only time will tell. Keep it between the arrows!

  2. vadeboncoeur

    Thanks Jonthan. Good to hear from you. Sure would like it if you came out and rode with us again.

    I shredded my other knee just after I lost the video anyway. So, I did not get to finish. I will go back and finish it this year.

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