The 2 wheelers

The Motorbike
I like my bike to be a bit soft.  I like the way the power comes on with a 250F, and softer suspension.  “At 57 years old, I am still relatively fast – but I do not want the thing to rip my arms off and I need to still be going fast at the end of the race”.

The KTM 250XC-F is just about the perfect motorcycle.


Bike: KTM 250XC-F
Engine: stock
Clutch actuation:  Rekluse manual 
Clutch internals: Rekluse basket
Tires: Kenda Millville Front and Washougal rear or Southwick front and rear
Brake pads: Galfer
Tank: Stock
Hand protection: Moose Racing full wrap or G2 open
Pipe: stock with KTM hardparts/FMF 4.1 muffler
Suspension: Factory Connection tuned
Gearing: Sunstar 13/50
Chain: RK O-ring
Wheels: Tusk Impact
Bars: Easton oversize CR high bend
Grips: Moose lock-on
Steering damper: GPR V4
Seat: stock with pleated cover
Plastic: Acerbis 
The CX Bike
I picked up Cyclocross a couple of years ago.  After years of calling it silly, I am absolutely in love with it.  I won the state championship in the old guy class a couple of years back, but have not been able to do it as much as I would have liked in the past couple of seasons.  This year, I will train a bit harder for it and focus a little bit on the season and see what I can do. 
Frame: Trek Boone
Drivetrain: Custom Shimano Ultegra UI2 1X, custom programmed for all easy gears on the right lever, and all harder gears on left.
Brakes: Shimano Ultegra hydraulic disc
Wheels: Bontrager Aeolus 3 tubular
Tires: FMB sew up
Seatpost: Bontrager carbon
Saddle: Bontrager Montrose Team Issue
Pedals: Shimano XT
Stem: Bontrager Carbon
Handlebar: Bontrager VR
Tape: Bontrager Gel Cork
The Snow Bike
Snow bikes could be just about the most possible fun you can have on a bike in the winter.  You can ride really technical stuff and just fall into the snow when it does not work out.  I know – trust me.
I used to hate winter, now I have something to do that I can enjoy it.
Frame:  Trek Farley EX
Drivetrain: SRAM X1 rear der, SRAM 1X
Brakes: Avid Level
Tires: Bontrager Hodag, and Gnarwall 27.5 X 3.8
Seatpost: Bontrager dropper
Saddle: Bontrager Team Issue
Handlebar: Bontrager Line Pro
Stem: Bontrager Line Pro
Grips: Bontrager double lock on
The Trail Bike

This is probably the bike I would ride the most.  Everyday trail rides and XC races and endurance races like 12 hours or 24 hours, moderate enduro rides, shuttles in the mountains etc…  If you want just one bike, this is the one.


Frame: Trek Fuel EX Carbon 29’er
Drivetrain: SRAM 1X Eagle
Brakes: Shimano XTR
Wheels: Bontrager Line Pro
Tires: Bontrager XR4 2.6 front, XR3 2.3 rear
Seatpost: RockShox Reverb dropper
Saddle: Bontrager Montrose
Pedals: Shimano XT
Stem: Bontrager Line Pro
Handlebar: Bontrager Line Pro Carbon

The Enduro/Lift Bike

The Trek Slash is the most fun bike I have ever owned.  It can handle almost everything a Session DH bike can, but pedals 90% as well as the EX trail bike does.  Truly remarkable.


Frame: Trek Slash Carbon 29’er
Drivetrain: SRAM 1X Eagle
Brakes: SRAM Guide
Wheels: Bontrager Line Pro
Tires: Bontrager SE4 2.6 front, SE3 2.3 rear
Seatpost: Bontrage dropper
Saddle: Bontrager Montrose
Pedals: Shimano XT large platform
Stem: Bontrager Line Pro
Handlebar: Bontrager Line Pro Carbon


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