It is that time of the year again!

For 2018, there were alot of changes in my life.  I was without a job (semi-retired), sold our house in Madison and moved to Hayward/Cable Wisconsin, became a grandparent, started my own business – to name a few.  I knew about all of that going into 2018, and adjusted my goals in life as a result.  Unfortunately, all of that became alot more consuming than I thought it was going to.  As usual, my goals at the beginning of the year did not really take that into consideration, and I had mixed results.  To refresh everyone’s memory, the following are what I had simplified my goals to:

  1. Live life like my dog would.
  2. Visit Hanna + Adam in Utah.
  3. Help Ali + Thomas be ready for the baby.
  4. Visit my family. Brother, Sister, Father, Mother.
  5. Get better connected to my friends.
  6. Get involved with a local cause.
  7. Start my business. Cultivate the first clients.
  8. Get rid of a bunch of stuff. Sell it, donate it, throw it away.
  9. Ride my motorcycle more than 40 hours.
  10. See PJ and at least 2 other live music events.
  11. Ride my MTB in 3 states that I did not last year.
  12. Take Liz on a trip that isn’t about MTB riding.
  13. Learn to ride a wheelie on my MTB (because god knows it will not be happening on the motorcycle)

I did pretty well at a few – Living my life more in the the now like my dog does, visiting Hanna and Adam, participating with Ali and Thomas to be ready for the grandbaby, got better connected to my friends, got involved with causes that I believe in, started a business.

I did not do as well as I would have liked to with – visiting family as I did not get to my Father’s house this past year, I came close on the motorcycle hours but didn’t get above 40, I did see PJ twice but did not see any other live music.  I rode my MTB in Arkansas and Idaho, and those were 2 places that I did not ride in 2017.

I failed completely at – taking Liz on a trip that did not involve MTB riding.  It is just so hard not to bring the bike and look for a ride. I failed miserably at reducing the amount of stuff that I have, I mean, seriously…  I also failed (for the 27th year straight) to learn to ride a wheelie.  I suck.

I think that says that 12 goals is the right number of goals, as I want the goals to be something that you have to work at and only goals that actually make your life better. If that is not the framework of your goals, then what is the point.  So, without further ado – The 2019 dozen:


1. Take Liz somewhere that isn’t about MTB riding! Since this is one of my big fails for 2018, I am not going to back down. (There should be a regular “fails” Instagram account documenting all the ways that I have failed at this one over the years.) The trip cannot be about seeing the kids, or seeing PJ – just has to be a straight up trip somewhere that is to go to that place. I will get this done.

Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 12.10.01 PM.png2. Help Ali and Thomas move to MNPLS!  Since we have moved to Hayward, it made Milwaukee a long trip to see Ali Thomas and Ada (6 hour drive).  We have been hoping they would move to MNPLS and Thomas found a job that he really wants there.  This is really exciting for us, so I will do whatever I can to make the move work for them.  Have truck, trailer and sturdy boots!

3. Make a difference at CAMBA and NICA! I had an awesome 1st career. I helped build what I still believe is the best bicycle company in the world.  We built that brand from a small little company to a company with a sole that tries to make a difference in the world.  Still, at the core, that first 30 year career was all about trying to sell someone a new bike.  In this 2nd career that I have started, I am excited that these 2 efforts are about helping people enjoy the bike they own vs. selling them another one.  Don’t get me wrong, new bikes are about the coolest thing there is, but I am super stoked to help make the world a better place to ride those bikes.

We have alot of lofty goals at CAMBA, that will start to become apparent in the next year.  More trails, more community, more fun.  Kathy asked me to help with NICA.  She built an amazing organization and community, and now just needs some help to build it to the next level.  I am both feet in on both counts.

tumblr_pe6y06YnhY1s9uxdno1_1280.jpg         WHCL-logo-large.jpg






Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 4.44.53 PM

4. Ride my MTB in 5 states, other than Wisconsin.  This one is pretty straightforward, and will probably always be part of my goals.  I am thinking that I need to hit a few new gravity parks for 2019.  Silver Creek in Idaho is definitely on the list.





5.  Develop my business further.  Last year I had a goal of starting my own business.  I started a consulting business, Goodheart Solutions.  It is a business development consulting effort.  I am taking my years of experience and helping others develop their businesses.  It has been fun, and alot of work to get started.  I hope that I can make it successful this coming year.

6.  Go to the Sea Otter bike festival this spring.  I have not been in a few years, so it is time to go.  I am really looking forward to connecting with a bunch of longtime bike industry friends and people that I have not seen in a while.


Heaven – literally!

7.  Go Downhill Skiing.  I have not skied in many years, but this spring I think we will take a trip out west to ski.  We are thinking that we will hit Targhee and Alta.  The town of Driggs Idaho is one of my favorite places on earth, and we have not skied there in about 10 years.  Our gear is old, and our bones are old, but we are ready to rock some powder.  After that, we intend to bomb down to Utah and ski some steeps and trees at Alta.

8.  See PJ.  Duh.  No tour announced yet, but if there is one…  Until then, this will have to do.



Shredding in Park City with Tony and Art was the highlight of my summer – for sure.

9.  See at least 2 friends in 2019, that I did not see in 2018.  In 2018, I was able to reconnect with a few different friends.  It was one of my goals for the year, and it was one of the things that I am most proud and excited about.  My change of direction at this time of my life has hopefully allowed me to be a better friend.

In 2018 I was able to get out for a ride with my friends Art and Tony in Park City.  I had not done that for at least 20 years and it was the highlight of my summer for sure.


10. Hanna and Adams wedding.  Although there isn’t a ton for me to do to make this happen or not.  In fact, that is pretty much out of my hands.  But, if it is happening, I am going to get 100% behind it.

11.  Read.  I suck at this now.  I want to get better.  I love to learn new things, I just haven’t been reading.  I will change this.

12.  Learn to ride a wheelie.  I have failed at this goal for the last 87 years.  It has always been kind of an afterthought.  Not any more.  It is a full fledged one of the main dozen goals for life for next year.  I will build myself one of those teaching things, as soon as the snow is gone and I will dominate the wheelie.  Mark that.


So that is it.  Years come and go, but having some goals for the year is a thing.  Not the biggest thing, but a thing for sure.

Wish me luck.







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