New Graphics are coming!

It is May. Geez this is a slow start to a summer season. In fact, it is only about 50 degrees outside today and it is raining. Getting kind of hard to take. We had spring, but then we slipped back into the end of winter. What ever happened to April showers bring May flowers? It feels like the whole calendar has just shifted back a month. It is now May showers instead of April. Maybe in another part of the world, May is still the beginning of summer, but not in Wisconsin.

We did have one race in April, and it turned out to be a nice day for it. It was a GP race, which is not my favorite type of race and in this case was not even a good GP (way way to fast, to much MX track and not enough woods). Also, a GP race just takes all day to complete. I do not know how the MX riders do that every weekend. But, it was offroad racing, and that is normally not a bad thing at all.

I won the +50 class and was 3rd in the +30 class. I am kinda caught in the middle these days, as I am not young enough nor fast enough to race the straight up A class, but on a good day I can run in the middle or so of the A race.  But, it is not comfortable for me to ride the A class, as those guys are young and just take too many chances.  I do not want to be in their way, and I do not need to go that fast.  Decisions.

There will be lots of new trail that starts out looking like this. Sweet!

Yesterday I joined in with the crew putting together the race up at Adams County. It is Bob Kau’s property, and he is definitely a character. But he is actually one of the nicest guys I know. Bob lays out an amazing course as well, and he is super generous to let us all race on his property. I got to spend the day with my friend Pete as we arrowed and marked the course. It will be a great race with about a 16minute lap for the AA class.

I mentioned at the start of this that there are some new graphics coming my way for this year.  I am only going to show them in this picture, and make you wait to see the finished bike at the Adams race.  They will be sweet!  Until then, see you out there somewhere.

New graphics! Thank you Thomas and thank you Russell. I cannot wait to get them on the bike.


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