Sloooowwww start to the season


April 18. Madison Wi.

Yep, that is how it looked out the front window of my house on the morning of April 18.  Not exactly the springtime weather that we all hope for.  I mean come on.  When you live in the upper midwest, it means you have been living through winter since some point in early December.  That is a long long time between dirt bike races or MTB rides.  Sure, the ski season was fun this year and we all had a great time being up in Cable a bunch this year, skiing and riding our snow bikes.  But, enough is enough.

You will recall that the last race of the year was such a mud bath, that I am not looking to repeat that in any way.  My bike was a disaster after that race.  My suspension has had to be rebuilt, I had to fix the leaking seal behind the water impeller, my brake pads and drive train were completely toasted, my plastic and graphics need to be tossed.  It was pretty bad.

But all of that is behind me.  Factory Connection sorted me out with rebuilt suspension and all new settings that they are super excited about (I cannot wait until this Sunday when I can also get excited about them).  I fixed the leaking impeller seal.  The bike has been completely rebuilt through and through.


Thank god we didn’t go to do the National Enduro this past weekend.

We were all set to go to the National Enduro last weekend, but made a last minute decision not to go because it looked to be a complete mudder.  The photo above was what NEPG group posted on their Instagram account.  I am so glad we didn’t go, as I did not need to destroy my motorcycle for that.

But, this has to be the latest start of any season on record.  It is just taking so so long to get here.  This weekend there has to be some riding somewhere that we can do.

The season will eventually get here

The season will EVENTUALLY arrive. (at least I hope).

We are all ready MOM, bring on the season dammit.


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