It is a Fat Bike, and it is a Birkie!

I did the Fat Bike Birkie, or FBB – it is really your choice.  I know I said 816 times that I would never do that, but I did it anyway.  I borrowed me up a hardtail Farley and pinned on a number, then got in a pace line.  It is a FatBike race that has drafting after all.

47km, 2900ft of climbing.  Ugh…  Painful.  But, I am not going to die at other sports this year, hopefully all the training will pay off.

It is not my video, but you get the idea.


Art and I were noting that even though we have been friends for 30 years, and we have the same basic passions, we have never done a bike race together.  I say together, in that we were both on the course at the same time, but we were definitely not racing each other as he is WAAAY faster than me.


Art was 2nd in our 50+ old guy class, I was 17th. He is WAAAAY faster than me.


The borrowed hardtail. Thanks John Riley.

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