Let’s Birkebeiner!

IMG_4371I know that this blog is meant to be mostly about 2 wheeler exploits.  I know that not everyone out there enjoys XC skiing, but hey, this is my blog.

For a few years, I have wanted to have the time to focus on being fit enough to do more than just survive the Birkie (that is what we call it as Birkebeiner is just to long to say, plus no one knows how to say it or spell it).  It is a hard ass event.  It takes about 3 hours, is 52km long (I know those are shorter than miles, so don’t send me that note), it is probably going to be about 15 degrees F for the race and there will be 7000 other crazies out there trying to do it – ski poles flying everywhere.  Given that there is marginal snow in the Madison area ever, it would require being north of there to have reliable snow to get enough real training time in.  I have always finished the race and wished that I could have enough time to be really practiced on skis.

Well, now that I have caught the unemployed virus, I really do not have an excuse to not be prepared for the Birkie.  Yes, after nearly 30 years at Trek, I have moved on.  It was actually just 28 years, but I told someone that and they stopped me and gave me license to round up.  I still do not feel good about calling it 30, so I am going to call it 3 decades.  3 decades sounds like a long time, it was.  3 decades is a career.

So what will I do?  Well first and foremost, I am going to ski the Birkie.  I am going to be up north enough to be comfortable on skis and hopefully have the best Birkie I have ever had.  I started this week with some strength and flexibility work, ran some hills on Tuesday, rode the trainer, skied an hour yesterday, skied 20k today.  No more “I wish I could ski more” as an excuse.  After that, I am not sure. Maybe sell one of the houses and buy a Sprinter Van and just travel to the best mountain bike trails in every state, and do all the National Enduro’s.  You know me, so you know that whatever comes next will involve a motorcycle, a MTB, my girl and dogs, a few burrito’s, too many cortado’s and a Pearl Jam concert (or 7).

As for real work, I am not really sure.  I know that I have a passion for helping someone get something started.  That is what I did mostly in my career at Trek.  I am not done working yet, so I will find something to be passionate about.


#picnictableselfie  There will be many more of these!

I will leave you with 2 things to think about:
There was a movie called Buckeroo Banzai, that for some reason made an impression on me in my youth.  In that movie, the lead character who was named Buckeroo Banzai – oddly enough – said,
Wherever you go, there you are!”  I have always liked that as a statement on life and your condition.
(at least I am not quoting something from William S. Burroughs “Naked Lunch”, which… if you ever want to sit through a movie and not know exactly what it was that you just watched for the last 90 minutes, give that a try. wow)
If that is just too weird or deep, one of my all time favorite authors was Douglas Adams.  If you just want some entertainment, in between the business books, give him a try.  I do not think you will find it a waste of time.  His last book was called,
So long, and thanks for all the fish!  (I don’t really know what that means either, but it feels like a pretty good way to say Adios after 3 decades)


PS – and now back to the regularly scheduled programing of skiing, riding 2 wheelers, burritos and snobby coffee.

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