May 21. 52 degrees. It was 45 and rained all day yesterday. Literally all day. Started raining at about 9am, and never stopped. Earlier this week it rained for a few days in a row. The average high temp this past week was about 52.

The 2nd race of the year was supposed to be today. It was cancelled due to about 4inches of rain on Thursday.

All the local mountain bike trails are closed.

I brought my mountain bike to work with me this past week.  I never was able to ride it. The trails were closed all week.

Bauke Mollema fell out of the top 3 at the Giro yesterday. The landscape job at the house is way behind because of the weather. With all the rain we have had this past 2 weeks, it has shown us that the gutters on the house are completely inadequate. They are clogged due to leaves and sticks, and they are undersized. Of course that can be fixed with some new gutters and some new gutter guards.  But $.

In spite of all of that, I am buoyed today. My garage is completely sorted now with cabinets and nothing on the ground. My motorbike kicks but. My mountain bike is ace. My dogs are cool (although they smell like dogs). We do not live in Colorado, which appears to be dealing with snow today. It is only a matter of a week or 2 and we will be completely past all this.

Remembering John Buechner!

I miss John Buechner. John passed away suddenly a couple of years ago, working out at the gym.  We called him “Hulk”. He was super fit, and looked like the Hulk. His number was 22. He was a great guy. We had some epic battles, he and I early in his race career. Later, he was faster than I. I like to think I’m faster now than I was then, and could be racing again with him. Reality is that he was still probably faster. But, I  would be happy to just chase him if that meant he was still here. I do get to race with him though every time I race now, as I carry him with me.  I hope that pleases him. Miss you John.

This week Chris Cornell left us. I am sad to hear that he took his own life. You just do not know what can be just below the skin with people.  Nicky Haden was run over by a car while riding his bicycle this week.  I have read he is in a coma.  I don’t know what to think about that, other than to be sad.

As I said, I am floating pretty well this week, in spite of all the tough things, mostly dry, happy and healthy. Not able to ride my 2 wheelers this weekend, but comparatively, I am pretty pleased and thankful.  Heading to Italy this weekend for the end of the Giro, then to Amsterdam to see Eddie Vedder live.

A couple of MTB Enduros planned this summer, a few HS races and Moto Enduros.  We are going to Moab in Sept., where I will definitely be riding the Whole Enchilada trail.

There is no Monday. For me, everyday is a great day to be alive. I will ride a 2 wheeler this week, somewhere.  I will say hey to John while doing it.




Thankful I didn’t go to the GNCC race this weekend.

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