The world is still spinning!

Sometimes in the middle of it, you just are not sure if the thing is still spinning.  I mean, when a top is spinning you get it.  You can see it.  It spins.  It makes noise, but it might fall over.  Then, like a kermufleckt the sun smashes down on it and it stops, then goes then stops again.  Totally complete lying trainspotting that a penguin would be there.  In spite of it being Saturday here in Japan.

Sorry about that.  What I wanted to say was that I cannot believe we made it out the other side again.  It frozed, then it came back alive.  Makes you want to scream that the new phone books here, like Maven Johnson.

But.  The spring comes around, and finally.  We cannot wait here in Wisco.  Dirt, trees with leaves, sunshine.  No more gravel.  Car isn’t splattered with white dust.  But the bestest of all is that there is motorbike.  Dang.  It is beyond fun.  Makes me jump for joy.

So, the annual Adams race opened us all up here – again.  Our great friend crusty Bob Kau – who isnt really crusty at all, it is just an act that he puts on because he wants people to think he is crusty, but is actually one of the nicest guys on the planet – puts the race on.  He owns one of the most amazing pieces of property anywhere.  A bunch of old cranberry bogs, small hills, lots of woods, sand as far as the eye can see sometimes.  Holds up to water well, and OMG it has single-track.

Got an ok start in the sand, got to 2nd late in the 1st lap.  Unfortunately, Travis Held had already checked out by then, so once again, I did not get to see if I could hang with him and try to ride his pace.  He put a bunch of time on me right away and then kept chipping away at getting one more lap than I.   He did.

Thanks Bob for putting on a great race.  Thanks Pete Laubmeier for keeping me in Moose clothing.  Thanks Southeast Sales for the great bike.  Factory Connection for making the boingers work in the woods.  Bell helmets, Kenda tires, my friend Russel for the great graphics etc…

More to come.

Pulling a tear off, because like a knob I followed someone right into a mud area – dork. At least I am on the gas while pulling it.



















Trying to get to the front, but already been left behind after putz start.









Look at that trail!



















Watch that.  make it full screen.  turn it way way up.  You will see why I cannot wait until the next show I can get to.

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