I do not know if you have seen this or not, but if you have not, I would like you to contemplate this.

First, you have to do an experiment.
– Go to the local football stadium or just a really big tall hill.
– Run up the stairs all the way to the top or to the top of the hill.
– Take your heart rate at the top. You can do the simple thing of counting the beats by putting your fingers to your neck. Count for 10 seconds, then multiply that by six (6x).
– I suspect you were at about 150 or so – right?
– Do it again. This time, I suspect you were at about 160 or so.

That is pretty good stuff right there. It is how you get fitter, by taxing yourself and then doing again. Over time, you can probably improve that.

Now, I want you to imagine going for a sustained period of say 30 minutes at that high rate that you hit. Maybe you could even try that on a bicycle or while running… It is pretty friggin hard, eh?

Now I want you to contemplate this point.
At last weekends GNCC race, which is a 3 hour race, Kailub Russel averaged 180 beats per minute for the entire 3 hours.

Holy Cow, is all I can say to that. I have not missed thinking about that every day in the last week. I almost cannot even think about how he did that.

3hrs X 180bpm!!!

Wow!  There are no words.

That is a max of 193bpm. But more astoundingly, an average of 18bpm for 3 frickin hours straight! 3X180!!!

I will just leave that there.


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