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It’s just a day after all!

I was born on January 9, 1961. Or even better, one nine sixty-one – as long as you are american (if you are European, this doesn’t really work because they would say 9/1/61. The 9th day of the 1st month of 61′, or just 1/9/61. Which is actually 1961, or January 9, 1961.
1961 is also the same forward and backwards, and upside down and backwards as well.
That makes this birthday, at 55, well beyond a golden birthday. (55 is also the same forwards or backwards, and in fact also upside down.) Probably something like the most important day, for most of of the western world, I dare say. Something akin to PI day March 14, 2105 (3.1415). Again, as long as you are american, as Europeans will never see PI day – unless they are from France where they seem to have more months than other places.

Most people would say that this year and day are well and truly even more significant than that.
There it is, it’s my birthday.