Late season – not the end, but late for sure!

It has been an awesome season.  I said I was going to race a bunch of different races this year, and it has really been fun to do that.  I have raced WIXC cross country races, D16 Endurox races, National Enduro races, local D16 Harescrambles races, MTB Enduro races (not enough), MTB XC, Full Gas Sprint Enduro, MXC race.

I have not done a GNCC race yet this year (the early season ones were just too muddy – I know, wimpy), I have not done an MAXC race, I have not done an MTB DH race, I have not done an OMA race, I have not done a Cyclocross race. 

I will solve the GNCC race for sure with the Ironman at the end of OCT, I will solve the MAXC race as well.  I have plenty of time to get in a few Cyclocross races before the end of the season. But, I cannot  solve the DH race or the OMA this year.  They will have to be solved next year.  


Copper Harbor Enduro, on Downtown!


I am sitting here on the couch pretty satisfied after the Dyracuse HS today. I raced “A” class this year in Harescrambles.  At 54, it is probably time that I act my age, but I kinda like racing with the kids. I. Do not know if I will do it again next year.  I cannot race the +50 class, as that is just an hour and I will not do that.  I could race the +40 class again, but kinda feel like I have done that.  We will see.


Marquette Enduro this year!


I hope to have a really good race at the Ironman GNCC. I have had pretty good races there (couple of 4ths and 5ths, but never in top 3). I am hoping to get there this year. I am going to work really hard between now and then, and find some races to do along the way.  

See you at the races.

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