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Rare moment at the Loose Moose , where I actually look like I am moving!

Why is it that Enduro is so different than harescrambles? 

That is not a trick question, by the way.  I am serious.  Look at the picture, they both involve a trail in the woods – dirt – trees – a boy and his motorcycle… But, one of them I can do and I am kinda fast at it.  The other one, omg am I a tourist.  I am serious about this.  Give me a gun going off and a mass start – please.  

The new motorbike is great, much like the old bike.  Fast and comfortable.  I do not think it has anything to do with my bike. Sure, my suspension is set up for GNCC and HS, but I am not the only person with that.  I just do not do well with this for some reason.  

The Loose Moose is a fantastic place. It is in Marquette, one of the great places in the Midwest.  Sand, lots of space, big moon rock faces, and miles and miles of it.  Great riding.  I had 4 ok sections and then turned into a complete tourist on the 5th section.  I felt like a pud loading up after 5 sections when all the people I ride with were going out to do the 6th section.  

Oh well.  On to the rest of the season.  

We did spend 3 great days in Marquette riding MTB and a day of trail riding before hand. Love that place.