A class it is!

Early in the race this past weekend. Not a great start, took a long time to get forward.

How fast is fast?  That is the question I have been asking for a long time, of myself mostly.  I mean, speed is relative right?  How fast does a jet airliner go?  How fast does a bullett?  When yo compare a bullet to a snail, it seems pretty fast.  When you compare a bullet to a rocket ship, it doesn’t seem that fast.  See, it’s all relative?

It’s all a bit like the world famous debate about what is better, a pizza or a burrito?  Which is in fact a silly debate. I mean if you really want to debate the merits of one culinary delight to another, one should ar least stay within the same food group and debate a taco vs. a burrito.  Of course a quesadilla is not worth talking about.  After all, if this is Cleveland this must be dehydrated breakfast cereal hour.  

But, what does this all have to do with A class?  Absolutely nothing.  Those first 2 paragraphs were for sure just filler.  Sort of a taste grea/less filling kind of situation.  The real meat of the post is this.  I am old.  Yep, there it is.  It’s official, it’s in print on the Internet.  I am old.  

So, I am old, and I am racing in the kids class.  A class.  I may never win a race here, but I am ok with that.  Hopefully I get faster.

Yesterday was the Adams harescrambles.  I am a fan.  Hard not to be really.  Best course, best layout, best property owner.  Thanks Bob.  I cannot wait for next year.


dry dusty, but crazy fun anyway


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