2014 is almost here!

Well at least for the calendar part…,10 or so days and it will be here.  But, it is still a long way to go before the season gets started.  This time of the year always feels like it is going to be FOREVER before it is here.  Living in the great white north makes you appreciate the motorcycle season when it is here.  But, geez it can be a long time coming.

I am figuring that it is about 50 days till I can get on a motorcycle somewhere.  And that will require driving somewhere much farther south than here in Wisconsin.  The driveway will still be snow covered, but Scott and I will load up and drive south to Missouri – about 8 hours away.

This year I am going to focus and fix what I am not good at and what I think is holding me back.

1.     First of all, my eyesight.  I cannot see so well at a distance anymore, and I struggle going in and out of shadows.  I have some contacts, but I have struggled with getting them in and out.  I suspect I can fix that, I just need to make it happen.

2.     I have always had pretty good fitness at the beginning of the year, but then I struggle to hold onto that once the season gets started.  The constant racing every weekend, and then trying to recover and work in between there has been tough.  This is the first thing I have admitted to with age – recovery is harder.  I have already started the fitness base, and it is going well.  I have a new plan for in season to help there.

3.     Finally, I have certain skill things I need to work on.  Getting across a double jump better, flat turns, choosing lines faster in the woods etc…  I am going to join the little MX club by my house this year, so I can do skills drills during the week.    

It is time to start working on new graphics, fixing the little things in the trailer, getting my frame painted on the bike etc…

New Moose Gear on the way!

New Moose gear on the way!  (Be sure to add a size to what you normally wear if you are ordering, they run small.)

The 1st thing is our new Moose gear.  We have been on Moose gear for a while now, and it is just the best.  Even though it is all snow covered outside right now, and hard to think about summer, the Sahara gear from Moose handles heat and dust and dirt like a champ.  Pretty psyched for that stuff.  This year we will stay with a traditional KTM color of orange and white.

Lots of other gear to profile here in the coming months.  Helmets, boots, goggles, new sponsors with our bike program etc…  Stay tuned and it will all come around in the next 2 months.

Until then, get out in the snow…  Enjoy it while it is here.  It is only for a couple of months.


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