The last local races of the year!

It has been a great year for me.  All too short, but great at the same time.  Unfortunately for me though, the local races are all done.  My schedule has me gone for the rest of Sept, and therefore I will miss the last couple of local races.

This past weekend, I did both of the WIXC races.  I won my class both days, and on the 2nd day I was just outside of 5th overall.  I am pretty happy with that.  I spent the first 3ish laps not really focused and playing around.  After that I decided to go and put my head down – focusing on turning some lap times down.  I think if I had focused from the start of the race I could have gotten there.  Oh well, it has been a great season.

I have done 16 local races this season.  That is split between the 2 different series.  Unfortunately, that means I will not win the overall in either series – too many races missed.  My record is pretty good, not perfect but I am proud of it:

12 – 1st place,  3 – 2nd place, 1 – 4th place

I had lots of times that I felt like I went well, I really only had 1 race that I was dismal at – turned out that I was getting pretty sick.  On my three 2nd place races – Rob beat me straight up once and Pete Emme beat me straight up once, the other 2nd I was knocked down on the start straight and then struggled to get up to speed and through the field.  All in all, a decent season.

My luck in National races has not been great, but I am going to try to change that in the month of Oct.  I was 6th in my class at the Georgia GNCC, and inside the top ten at another.  But, I need to get on the podium of either Ohio or Indiana GNCC at the end of the season.  We will see.  I am going to train and ride my moto a bunch when I get back at the end of the month, to try to make that happen.

God I love racing my motorcycle.

Me looking like a dork while I was not really focusing on the race!

Me looking like a dork while I was not really focusing on the race on Sunday!  At least I know there was a big divot there and I was being bucked every lap through there.

I am really lucky this year.  I have a GREAT motorcycle.  The XC250F is absolutely the perfect bike for me.  I have some great sponsors helping me out all year.

Fun Mart Cycles is my KTM dealer.  They are great there, give them a chance if you are looking for a KTM.  (You should be.)

Mark Junge at Vesrah Brake pads.

Fox suspension has outfitted Scott and I with their rear shock (It is incredible), and does the tuning on my fork for me.

Kenda tires always keeps Scott and I in the best rubber.

Bell helmets has provided Scott and I with a few of their deluxe Moto 9 helmets.

Moose Clothing has helped us out with their great gear.

Thanks Jake Galstad for the great photo's.

Thanks Jake Galstad for the great photo’s.

See you at the last couple of GNCC races this year.

Out, Joe.

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