Is it Jekyll or Hyde that shows up on race day?


Mild mannered (slow and dorky) Dr. Jekyll – Aggressive (sorta fast) Mr. Hyde!

Of late, I really do not know who is going to show up in my truck on race day. The variances in my race day performance are swinging so wildly, it is anyone’s guess. I am a real Hyde rider some days. There are days where I feel like I can do no wrong. I ride with aggression the whole race. I am racing forward the whole race. On those days, I can be top 10 overall, and even sometimes top 5 overall.

Alternatively, I can show up and barely be able to manage top 5 in my class.  I do not really know what the difference is.  There are days when I cannot find the front wheel in a turn, or the throttle just will not turn that hard.  I am not sure what it is.  I know I do not like dust.  I know that I need more woods in the course to be able to really get going.  I call these my Dr. Jekyll days.

Kewaunee WIXC race – This was a Jekyll day.  The course was fast, lotsa dust (actually a scary amount of dust), not much woods.  For whatever reason, I just could not ride that day.  Not to take anything away from anyone that beat me, as they all rode great races.  But, I just could not ride to save my life that day.

Rhinelander WIXC double race – These were Mr. Hyde days.  I was on fire.  Not sure what the difference was between this weekend and the Kewaunee weekend.  Certainly more woods, but nothing very tight at all.  Still lotsa dust as it was bone dry.  But on Sunday, I was even 5th overall.

Byron D16 race – Woods, not much dust and should have been a Mr. Hyde day.  But it was all Jekyll.  I was horrible in the woods.  I did so poorly the first time through the Endurocross section, that I skipped it every other lap.  Geez I was slow that day.  Again, all the guys that beat me rode great races.  I just did not have any game for them.

So, just a couple of local races left for the year.  I sure hope the right rider shows up.


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