Just before the start.  Looks good, feeling good.

Just before the start. Looks good, feeling good.

The start straight was only about 30 meters long and into a right hand 180 degree turn.  I lined up on the 2nd to the right side, taking the straightest line to the inside of the turn.  Pete Emme was to my right on a 350 also with just a button.

You may recall that having only a button start has been my only reservation with the new bike.  So far, it is not really failing me.  I am figuring it out and starting in neutral then jamming the bike into 2nd as soon as I feel that it is running.  It is not as fast as someone that can get a 2stroke fired up on the kicker really fast, but in the amateur classes I think it is fast enough to not be last to the first turn.

Rick has a small movement of his elbow just before he raises the flag.  I noticed that on the starts before my wave.  There were 15 bikes on my line (one of the best things about the WIXC is that in the +40 class there is a real race).

Ricks elbow moved and I hit the button.  My bike started right up (Thank you Jason and Full Spectrum battery), I jammed for 2nd and launched toward the 1st turn.  Have you ever watched one of those SX starts that goes bad in slow motion and noticed someone comes across another riders front wheel, they bounce off each other and then someone ends up launching sideways and being tossed about like a ragdoll?  Someone came all the way from the left side of the start grid and went all the way right.  Because I was set up to be 2nd into the turn, my front wheel was the only one taken out.

There I was, in front of a pile of bikes hard on the gas towards the 1st turn, being flung over the bars and bouncing off my bike an other people’s bikes.  It hurt.  Magically, I was not run over by another bike.  I stood up and could not believe what had just happened.  There was dirt jammed into my helmet and both controls on the bike.

My new Nytro handguards were broken off, my bars were twisted and knocked down.  Other than that, the bike was fine.  But, my side just below my Leatt suit I had taken a hard hit.  I could tell that it was already swelling up into a huge bruise, and damn did it hurt.

Feeling kinda aggressive.  Chasing later in the race.

Feeling kinda aggressive. Chasing later in the race.

Red mist was already forming in my head then.  I hoped on the bike, not sure if I could ride or not, red mist in my eyes and shot ahead of the C class that was just starting.  I was a minute behind my wave, they were already leaving the moto track.  I rolled along softly for a few seconds as I took a mental inventory of myself and my scoot, then went completely into pursuit mode.  I caught the back markers of my wave right away in the woods, and made it my crusade to catch at least one rider per lap – not too hard at the beginning of the race, but got alot harder as it went on.

In the end I made my way up to 2nd, and within just 10 seconds of the lead.  I rode possessed and chased through the whole race.  Rick cheered me as did everyone else who knew how my race went.  It felt good.

By the time I got back to the trailer, my whole body was hardening up.  Any movement that required engaging my core muscles was nearly impossible due to the huge swelling and bruise on my side just above my hip.  Walking around the trailer was hard, getting my boots off, getting in the truck were all near impossibilities.

Notice anything missing?

Notice anything missing?  Just one handguard, felt like I was trying to stay away from anything on the left side.

I spent alot of time in the evening with ice on my side.  Sleeping was tough.  My whole body is still really beat up feeling.  But, race #2 for the weekend is today.  we will see how that goes.  If I am not too much of a Nancy and can ride, there is no mercy today.


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