Knobbies in dirt!

Wohoo!  We finally got weather to get knobbies in dirt locally.  Yowza, it has been a long winter.  This past Saturday was supposed to be nice, but of course it never got above 50 degrees, and it was windy and raining.

Yuck.  Again.

I spent the day, angry in the garage.  Working on bicycles, working on cars, cleaning the floor, working on motorcycles etc…  Not a bad day, but I have only spent like 772 Saturdays doing that this past winter, waiting for nicer weather.


On Sunday morning, this is what it looked like outside my house. Are you kidding me? April 14?

It was almost enough to push me over the edge.  I got a text message from Pete that said, “Supposed to be a chance of rain/snow today and for next month.  So I am planning on saying fuck it and ride.  All sand at my place so come on over…”


Pete has a great woods section by his house, and this little field section that he has a little kinda GP/MX section set up.


The dirt was primo at Pete’s. Kinda like you could grab a handful of sand and it would hold together like a snowball in your hand. So much fun.

It is always good to get the season started.  This coming weekend is a MXC race in Illinois.  Our first local races were either postponed or cancelled due to weather.  But, the MXC series always runs down in Illinois.  See you there.


The new bike!


Pete has a blue bike!

Let’s get this party started!


On sunday

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