Damn! 13 IS a fantastic number!

I broke down.  I NEEDED a 2013 motorcycle.  New motorcycles are just so shinny and well…new.  It is really not much different than needing a new pair of shoes.  They fit so well and look so good and the laces have not been caught in your bicycle chain yet…mmm.  I ounce bought 5 pair of Converse I was so intoxicated with the new feel of them.  I think I still have 1 pair in the box…

Chris Bach told me that the new 2013 250XC-F was phenomenal.  I did not believe him.  I loved my 2012, how much better could it be?  I am now here to tell you that it is WAY better than the 2012.  Not exactly sure how.  The power is incredible, the handling is even better.  I am pretty excited about mine.  Chris was right.

Enjoy the photos of the first ride on it.  I have not finished it entirely.  The fork is not massaged yet by Neezer at Fox, no radiator braces yet, MX handguards on it just now – but that will not cut it for the woods.



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