Welcome to the Show Me State!

So we went to Missouri, again.  In the end, all roads in the early season around here lead somewhere like this.  After all, we do live in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin.  Ugh.  Someday the planet will turn on it’s axis and Wisconsin will end up the perfect template.  Until then, all roads at this time of the year lead to the show me state.  Welcome says the brochure.  See the worlds largest ball of twine!


Where in the world is Waldo?  Well young people, we is in St. Joe.  Every year we go there, and every year we wish that we could be near here all the time.

This year we had new suspension to test and get right.  We set up a short little loop that was like 2-3 minutes around.  It had uphill, downhill, flat turns, rocks bermed turns etc…  No jumps, but we can figure that out later.  We both set out to learn about our suspension.  You start out by going around and then making a small adjustment, then you go around again and then you make another small adjustment, then around again, you keep doing it until you find something that you like.

Usually you would do that by bracketing.  Go all the way one direction until it sucks, then all the way in the other direction till it sucks.  In theory, you will like something roughly in the middle of that.  But, it takes a long time to really get there.  Cool stuff though.

In the end, we hit something really good.  At least I did.


My motorcycle is so cool, I do not even know how you are going to cope.

See you at the races!


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