Why in the world is it so hard to make good coffee?

Now that is a good looking cup.

Now that is a good looking cup.

Coffee.  We all drink it.  It is not that hard to make, but it seldom is that good.

Let me start with this.  Europe is the land of inconvenience.  Cars do not come with cup holders (My German friends say its because you shouldn’t be drinking coffee when you drive anyway…harumph – they are sometimes not very happy people) Grocery stores are not complete.  You cannot get your laundry done on the way home from work, retail stores close at 5pm (I mean, aren’t their customers at work till 5pm?  How do they do any business), there is no such thing as a walk in haircut (I know you are thinking, what do I care?).  The list goes on and on.

For the most part, Europeans are good with that.  (But, the lines at Mcdonalds are pretty long there, a business that is built on convenience.  Well, convenience and a creepy clown guy.)  It might just be their European-ness getting the best of them.  You know, it is ok if I complain about my place but you cannot do that.  Pride.

In fact, if you think about the differences between France and the USA, they are plenty.  We like crap beer, they like wine.  We do not smoke like they do.  We are fat, they are skinny.  The north of the USA has way worse weather.  The south of the USA has way better weather, although the south of France is pretty damn nice.  The food in France is generally not very good.  They have a better bike race than we do (2 of them).  We have better offroad racing than they do – World Enduro, what the hell is that anyway?  Can you name a really good French car?

But, in spite of that they have way better coffee in France than you can generally get in the USA.  And do not go all Starbucks on me.  Starbucks is the Mcdonalds of coffee.  Safe, the same, boring, not great.  If you have a local coffee shop that you like, then you know what I am talking about.  But, it is just damn hard to get good coffee in the USA.  Good beer – easy.  I mean an IPA is pretty readily available at your local grocery store.  In France, the coffee you can get at a crappy convenience store will be great.

There are a few good videos that I need to post here.

I like to watch that one once a week or so.  Like the song, like how it makes me wish I was riding every time I see it.

So the 2013 season is making it’s way here.  I am just 20 days from our first testing trip to St. Joe, 28 days from a possible 1st race in Indiana and 48 days from the first GNCC that I will go to (I vowed a few years ago that I did not need to drive to Florida to do early season races – hours of sand whoops and Palmeto roots is not my idea of a good time in early March).  Lots to do.

Tires, suspension, testing, building and decaling, new gear, sorting, polishing, finish the trailer etc…  Love this time of the year.

Built a new seat yesterday.  Damn, check out the grip that thing will have!  Yowza.

Built a new seat yesterday. Damn, check out the grip that thing will have! Yowza.

Stack-O-Kenda tires.  Ready for shredding.

Stack-O-Kenda tires. Ready for shredding.

New graphics for the team.

New graphics for the team.

Similar graphics to last year, but with a bit of black added in now.  We are more bad this year than last year – Ha.  Yellow is my background color for GNCC, blue for local, Scott runs red etc…  You get the picture.

The gear.  Super sweet Orange tone Moose Gear.  Matchy, matchy.

The gear. Super sweet Orange tone Moose Gear. We will have helmets to match also.  Matchy, matchy.

The season cannot get here soon enough.

Remember, Fear minus Death = Fun!

Still damn funny.

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