2013 moto goals

I have thought that what I need is some resolution. Some goals. Since it is 2013, here goes. 50 goals. (Just seemed like a good number).

The 1st 13 are work specific, so I left those out. You know, top secret stuff. If I told you, well you know – you just cannot know that stuff. It could split the space time continuum and create a vortex. The future would see itself, and the alternate reality is created leaving us all with too many thumbs or something like that in the future.

Since this is my moto blog, I got rid of the non Moto stuff for here. Gives me a chance to talk deeper about the goals with my moto.

Without any varnish, here they are. Just the moto related goals. Some are big, some are small.

14. Win a GNCC in my class. In 2011, I was 4th at Ironman GNCC, then 5th at the first Loretta’s and won the 2nd Loretta’s race. This past year I got a 6th at Ironman and then 5th at Loretta’s. Close, but not quite there.

1st place 2011 Loretta Lynn's GNCC

1st place 2011 Loretta Lynn’s GNCC

15. Win WIXC old guy class. I have become a huge fan of the WIXC series. They are the best races in Wisconsin. I plan to do most if not all, and hope to win my class.

19. Replace my truck with something that get’s much better mileage. I love trucks. Who wouldn’t want a truck. But, I do not like the gas mileage.
20. Buy a property near Camrock Mountain Bike trails. I plan to be one of 8 people in the whole state who can ride mountain bikes from their garage and their offroad motorcycle from their garage.

23. Clean out my closet and drawers and cycling cabinet and moto gear. I have enough clothing and sports gear for like 3 people. I am going to cut that down to enough for 1 person.

25. Go to a SX race. I like to do that once a year. They are really fun.
26. Sell my street bike.

34. Learn to use the rear brake while using the throttle on my 250F. I am still struggling with this skill. I think it is imperative for me to get this skill if I have any hope of winning a GNCC race.

36. Buy Aztalan membership and get better at jumping my 250F.

38. Learn to wheelie on both my favorite mountain bike and my motorcycle. I have said before that this is a genetic skill. I am going to take the year and learn to wheelie, or at least just about kill my self trying. By the end of the year, I will either wheelie or it will be a lost cause.
39. Set up my 250f with ice tires and do some ice riding. I live in this godforsaken environment, it is time that I do something to enjoy it.
40. Finish my trailer. I really only need a few things.
a. Wheel rack
b. Surface on the shelves.
c. Netting to hold things on the shelves

46. Ride a race with Noah
47. Ride a race with Russel

49. Drink more beer.
50. Get more involved with my community. Give time, get involved with a local cause directly.

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