Is 13 a lucky number?

It’s like Sirens or something.  They keep taunting me.  Trying to lure me in.

Joe…Joe…come take me home with you! (Siren voice)

This is not like that girl in college… Oh sorry.   It is like an obsession though.  They are shiny, they are new, they are not here yet.  OMG.  Just how much faster would I be on a 2013 model?  If you are like me, the progression goes something like this.

1. Whatever.  I am perfectly fine on my bike that I have now.  I will rebuild it from the ground up, and it will suit me just fine for another season.

2. Ok.  Maybe I will start the season on my current bike, then get a new one half way through the season.  I can keep the current bike as a back up, and break in the new one slowly, racing it as I get comfortable on it.

3. I really think I would be faster on the new one.  New features, that I have to have.  New suspension that will be dramatically better.  It has more HP.  It is shiny.  The frame and everything just feels so much better on a new bike.

4. I am not getting a new one.  That is dumb.  I promise you I am not going to go any faster on a new one.
5. Maybe.  Hmmm…

6. “Nick, can you order a new one for me?”

I think I am at stage 5 now.

In the garage, there is a 2012 KTM 250XC-F. But, I rode a season on it. It has memories, but it just doesn’t have that new bike smell. It is an old friend that has served me well, but the sirens of the 13 models are calling to me.

Joe…joe…come take me home…we are ready to be yours…we want to be set up to be the ultimate old guy bike for GNCC and Harescrambles. They will not stop calling to me.

– 5 more horsepower
– new fuel injection
– no kick starter
– new engine cases

OMG. I think I NEED one.  2013 is going to be a very good year.


I am such a dork.


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