Weekend Update, including Burrito eating hour!

A weekend follows a week.  A week starts with a Monday.  A Monday starts with the alarm going on.  (It is kind of a linear thing).  Mine started early last week with a drive up to Marquette.  A local work outing to put us all on the same page planning for the 2014 model year.  It was a ripping good time, looking for the perfect IPA, talking about future bike stuff, eating burrito’s and riding mountain bikes.  I wrote all about it here.

After working up there all week, I just stayed until Sunday and did the WIXC race at Pine Ridge.  Drove down to Iron Mountain and holed up in a hotel room with my feet up trying to rest up after a week of riding hard.

That is me in my hotel room. Pounding out a story about the week. Feet up, drinking lots of water.

I raced at Pine Ridge years ago, but have not been back to race there in at least 5 years.  A race is like oatmeal, sometimes you get the mix just right other times not.  This race turned out to have a huge MX track and not enough woods for me.  The entire course was fast and rough. Lots of holes and whoops at speed.  It was tiring.

As usual lately, I cannot buy a start for any amount of money.  3 kicks on the line and it finally started.  My bike starts perfectly when I am doing practice starts.  It even starts when I am waiting for the lines ahead to go off.  But, when go time comes it just does not start.  The bad start put me in 11th off the line.  On a fast course that is tough to deal with.  To make matters worse, I crashed trying to make passes twice in the first lap.  I had my work cut out for me.

Rick went through me at the first part of the race, as it turns out he got even a worse start than I did.  I found myself with my arms all pumped up a couple of laps into the race, a sign of how rough it was.  Because of the arm pump, I was not making it as far forward as I wanted to.  Eventually I settled in to a nice pace and caught riders, but wow.

In the end, Rick won and I ended up 2nd.  I was just 30 seconds back, but it felt like I was barely going out there.  It will have been good practice for Dyracuse and for Ironman GNCC, fast and flowing.

Pine Ridge has a slip and slide into a pond that in the summer would be a gas.


Out till next week.



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