The double weekend will make you 12 feet tall.

The Double Race Weekend will make you tough. HA!  Here I am stressing over goggle tear offs.

Or, it will make you whimper.  Not much in between.  For this one, for me it was a little of both.

Saturday – hero

Saturday was the WIXC race at Valders.  We used to do a district race there years ago.  The course has not changed much, but it has gotten a little bit better with more terrain.  Mostly, the problem was that it was just dry and dusty.  But, Liz went to the race with me and that is pretty unusual.  It was great having her there.  1. She is cute.  2.  It is just fun to have someone there with you.  (Did I also mention that she is cute?)

Here is Liz enjoying the calm before the race at THE trailer. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy having the trailer?

I love Rick’s races.  The courses feel like a mini GNCC (minus the impossible mud hole) and they flow the same.  They start on time (that cannot be said of GNCC races) and have results up really quick after the race.  Thank you Rick.

I got a reasonable start, probably came out of the first corner in 3rd of 14 riders.  But at the 2nd turn, Dan Finnel went down in front of me and i ended up tangled up with him and trying to separate the 2 bikes from an unnatural act.

This is where the problem came in.  It was dusty.  I am talking Oklahoma after the great depression and the dust bowl effect there.  You could not see past your own front fender.  Made it really hard to get past people.  I hate dust.

But, I managed to get through to the front a couple laps in and just put my head down and kept going.  I felt good.  I kept pushing and eventually got a big gap.  When I came through the timing tent a few laps into the race, I asked Rick where I was.  He said way ahead in my class.  I asked him to tell me the next lap where I was in the overall.  So he did, and the answer came back inside the top 15.  I thought that was pretty good from the 4th row, but decided to see if I could get into the top 10.

I put my head down and charged all the way through the race.  In the end I had a huge gap on my class and managed to get to 9th place overall.  I was pleased with that, but was plenty spent.

On the way home, Liz and I stopped to eat a burrito as big as my head.

Sunday – whimper

Sunday was a D16 race at Sugar Maple MX.  I had a great MX track with alot of up and down and a few different woods sections.  The woods were really really rocky.  The fields sections had great single track cut through corn fields.  Really a cool tunnel effect.  Hard to go fast in.

I got a crap start and had to battle my way to the front.  i did that in the 1st lap, but the laps were 20 minutes long – nice and long.  When we got to a steep technical uphill, I struggled to get through a bunch of guys that were stuck on the hill.  I tried to go around them, but just ended up getting myself stuck.  When I finally got free, I was back at the back of my row again.  Once more, I had to battle my way through the dust and riders to get back to the front.

I finally did, only to smash my front wheel on a huge sharp rock, tearing the tire casing and flatting me instantly.  I tried to ride it out, but it was impossible.  After getting thrown to the ground 2 different times, I called it in.  Done.  Only my 2nd DNF since I have been racing.

All in all it was a great weekend.  Shane Watts clues about different terrain and different riding techniques is paying off.  Hopefully I can keep them all going, and I am targeting a podium at Ironman.



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