A guy has to have a trailer for his stuff.

A guy has to have a trailer for his stuff.

I pulled up into the parking lot with my new trailer in tow (I just needed a place to park it for the weekend, as I needed space in my driveway for something temporarily) and Mark said to me, “Hey, nice trailer…Every guy needs a trailer for his stuff.” Well that is it then, I am owning that statement.

There are a few points in life that kind of are turning points. You know, the point where you slap yourself in the forehead and say “Duh, why didn’t I know this before?” Sort of like when you realize that girls are pretty cool, or when you shred a trail on a DH mountain bike or on your moto, or you finally get up enough nerve to jump that double and realize that it really wasn’t that bad or when you get a truck and realize just how useful they are. Well, you haven’t experienced useful yet until you own an enclosed trailer that you can haul all your stuff in to the moto track.

Owning a trailer is the ultimate in utility. Scott talks about the moment that he recognized that he has become utility vehicle person from sporty car person. I thought that I had already become that, but owning a cargo trailer has pushed me over the edge.

You just load all of your stuff inside and drive it to wherever you might need that stuff. When you get there, you walk right into the trailer and you contemplate your stuff. You get dressed inside the trailer. You work on your bike inside the trailer. You work on your gear inside the trailer. When you are done riding your bike, you just drive it right into the trailer and strap it down. When you get home, if it is late you just leave it all in the trailer and unload it the next day instead of at midnight out of the back of the truck. When you are driving to a race you pull up to the motel and make sure it is locked to the truck and locked up and it is all safe from the elements and safe.

I bought for myself a 7×12 v-nose all aluminum Triton trailer. Made right here in Wisconsin. I like that. AJ at VCGraphix made up some decals to match the team look, and Shane from Copperhead Grahics in Marshall put them on for me.

I had to build out the inside. I have not finished, but I have taken a stab at it so far. I put in a floor to keep fluids off the plywood and make it easier to clean up. I build some shelves for the front and mounted a couple of wheel chocks. Still need to figure out how to secure everything inside, better tool storage, cleanup station, place to hang clothing, etc…but it is coming along.


Some photos of the work in progress.

Day 1.

It is better with graphics on it. Not finished with that though. Needs Moose logos.

20120905-200203.jpg I put the checkerboard floor down myself. I know it’s cliche, but it is a race trailer after all. The flooring will allow easy cleanup.

20120905-200608.jpg From the side door, you can see the shelves. One for Scott, one for me. Plus generator and extra wheels etc…below.

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