Remember when summer break was a good thing?

I hate summer racing break.  I suspect it is necessary to keep from racing in the absolute hottest part of the year.  But, I hate not racing my motorbike.

This is what summer was like when you were young.

Summer was filled with the pool, riding your bike, hanging out, sleeping late, no school…  it was glorious.

Now, it just means no racing and no motorbike stuff for a few weeks.  Bummer.

I need to do some racing.  2 weeks ago I did the local harescrambles at Hixton.  I have to say that I must go on record here and say that it was a horrible event.

The course at Hixton can be really good.  But, this course was so poorly marked that no one could follow it.  I was lost about 5 times per lap on the first 2 laps.  Not enough ribbon, not enough arrows, old trails not marked off, turns off the obvious trail line were not easy to see…  it was pretty bad.

On the first lap, I was following a guy who blew right by the motocross track.  I turned back and got on the course again, but never saw him during the race again.  His first lap was 2 minutes faster than mine.  The next laps we traded back and forth but with about a 30 second difference.  It is just a local race, so who really cares.  But, it is a bummer to drive all the way to a race, pay the entrance fee, trash a set of tires, put wear and tear on the bike etc…  Only to know that the result isn’t really true.

I am over it and have moved on.  But, I will be going to the National Harescrambles in Minnesota on the weekend of the 29th July – instead of another Hixton race.

Out, Joe.

I do like racing my motorcycle. I hate summer break.


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