T’was the night before Perry Mounatin

T’was the night before Perry Mountain, and all through the land, not a creature was sleeping, not even a mouse.
The cycles and pits were organized and lit with care, in hopes that the morning race would soon be there.
The rednecks were riding their quads through the fields with country and western sounds danced through their heads.
Me in my old Vesrah shirt and Liz in her jammies were just settling down with ear plugs n shammies.
When out in the field there arose such a clatter I rose in a dash to see what was the matter.
Thinking the generator had become a detonator, I found myself wondering if it could be any later.
The morning would come and dawn not so glum.
The Race will commence without any pretense.
The weather is nicer than any previous slicer.

Let’s go race!!!

Tennn seccondsss!

I am certain that if Santa Claus came on the night before Perry Mountain, he would be the guy with the quad that had a full on outdoor stereo mounted on the fenders, ripping out some sort of country and western song, naked from the waste up. (which was not a pretty sight.)

I saw a guy in a prison suit running around the pits on the night before. I think they were pajamas, but when I pointed that out – he just glared at me.

Damn, Perry Mountain Challenge is fun.

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