It’s A Big Country

Proof that we are not the same person.

If it was 1988, I would have to have really big hair and slit jeans with a title like that. After all, Wikipedia says that Big Country was an internationally famous Scottish rock band. Duh, they had that hit “In a Big Country”. And all those other ones also…

Curiously, Wikipedia has very little to say about any of my bike rides last weekend.

We are actually listening to Stone Temple Pilots doing an acoustic version of Led Zeppelin’s Dancin Days, so it is definitely not 1988. But, I might have high pants on, so who knows.

Exactly what was the 1980’s anyway? Just think about it, the Chrysler K car was a big deal. Have you seen one of those? What the hell was Lee Iacocca thinking of? Makes a Chrysler P car look dynamite.

No Parking vehicles with trailers. Ok.

I think Illilni is just so that people from Illinois do not have to say Illinoisan when they want o make it plural. Plus the fighting Illinoisan just does cut it. Nice school though.

I am always a bit freaked out by just how long it takes to get out of Illinois. Good grief it is a pretty much plain state, but it just goes on and on forever. This drive is just about 15 hours long (to all you Europeans reading, yep I just said 15 hours and barely hallway across the country. It’s big.), the sad part is that about 19 of those hours are done inside Illinois. It’s like you are a rat in a cage running on a wheel with a frayed space time continuum.

It’s a big country. I can’t get me no, satisfaction. (gotta love Devo).

Alabama, here we come. With any luck it will not be Alabama Hot like last year. Also with any luck it will not still be 1988. I love the lore of the Perry Mountain Challenge. Mountains in Alabama, who knew?

Looking forward to reuniting with our crew :
Noah Mitchell – Mechanic beyond what we deserve.
Chris Garrison – crew chief extraordinaire.
Liz Vadeboncoeur – master of the camp and fabulous cook.
No Matt this year, but we have Russell Schneider in his place who has big shoes to fill, but will be great.

This year we will be there a whole day in advance to set up and just relax.

20120530-211606.jpgAt least we didn’t have to take everything out for this flat tire…Not! Me and trailers.



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