Why Is That Clock Moving So Slowly?

It is the 4th day of March.  March is an interminable month.


1.  Incapable of being terminated; unending                                                                     2.  Monotonously or annoyingly protracted or continued; unceasing; incessant.                                                                                                                              3.  Having no limits.

1325–75; Middle English  (That means it is from the Middle Earth in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy – we all know that went on for too long.) 

I particularly like the use of the word “unceasing”.  That pretty much sums it up.  Unceasing.  You wake up and it is still winter.  It has snowed again.  The nice days only come during the week, it rains or snows on the weekend.  You clean the bike and redo the decals – again.  Unceasing.

Meanwhile, Chris Bach (@chrisbachracing) talks about all the riding and racing he is doing, Jason Hooper (@digitaloffroad) keeps putting up more video’s of people riding and racing, Jared Bolton (@jaredbolton) keeps talking about how good such and such race is going to be.  While all this is going on, it is still all white outside my house.

So, we load up and drive south.  We do a race, then we drive home and sit inside looking outside – waiting.  We go to the gym, we ride the stupid trainer in side, we go to yoga class (don’t make fun of it – it’s hard) we sweat, we freeze through a lunch time bike ride…ugh.  Somehow, I ended up living where it is winter outside for way way too long.

Because of that, there is a lot of driving HUGE distances to go and race, only to get there and be completely trounced by people who are effectively all ready in the middle of their race season, then load it all up, drive 16 hours home, wait for a week for a day above freezing so that you can get it all cleaned up at the car wash, then rebuild it in the cold garage and go 2 weeks later to do it all over again.  Still, with no riding time in between so that you still get completely trounced by the locals … you get the picture.  Yuck.


Daylight Savings cannot get here soon enough.  I am living for March 11.  March 11 is when we will get almost enough daylight that it will be light enough when you get home from work to do something outside without a flashlight.

Why is that clock moving so slowly?



Random Image. Has nothing to do with the post, just shows how I feel about it all.

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