Heading To The Void! Mississippi and The Offroad Cup.

Loading. Always feels good to get going.

It always feels good to get the season started.

Scott and I signed up to do the 9hr Offroad Cup race. It is an annual race that the Acadiana Offroad group puts on. It crowns a champion with a cup you can take home etc… We don’t have a chance to take that home, but we are going to have a damn good time racing it. It is meant to be a 3man team race, that we are doing as a duo. It will be fun.

I am super fit right now, I have been killing it in the gym and on my bike. The problem is that is gym fit. Gym fit and dirt bike fit are 2 completely different things. I would bet that I am only 50%dirt bike fit. I hope to be able to say that I am 75% dirt bike fit after this weekend. Pain!

Watch for updates here and on twitter from both @vesrahoffroad and @joev3.

But, the real question is how many burritos I will eat this weekend?


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