The season starts here!

January 27. Winter.

Training has certainly started, and last month I was able to do some riding. Not much, but some shake down to sort out new bike etc… Unusual for winter, but we have had a really mild winter for most of it so far. But, we knew it would not last. It is full on winter at my house now. Snow on the ground, below freezing temps for the high each day. Yep, winter.

Today is Friday January 27th. We should have been heading to Sumter to do the first National Enduro for the year. But, that did not work out for various reasons. Instead, Scott and I are driving tonight to St. Joe Missouri to ride there. We have been there before. It has sandy river bottoms and rocky hills. Good riding. But, it is a 7 hour drive to get there. Just part of the gig being an Offroad motorcycle racer living in the upper Midwest.

20120127-171756.jpg An all new start for our Offroad team!

We have an all new start for our Offroad team. That is right, you notice a KTM in that shot. We are really stoked to be with Fun Mart cycles, KTM and still working with Mark at Vesrah. It is going to be a great new year. Hopefully it will bring us both success on the new bikes.

20120127-172207.jpg Alot of our same sponsors are with us again on the new bikes.

Check back through the next few weeks, it will be exciting working out the issues with all the new stuff!


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