Moto riding in December!

I think we are living in the banana belt of the upper midwest. Where we used to get a bunch of snow in December here in Wisconsin, it feels now that we do not and maybe we will not.  I suspect there are a bunch of things that are not good about global warming (actually, I do not suspect – I know), but for the moment I am going to enjoy the warmer weather in December.

I don’t know much about all of this, but I do know that ice cream is better in the summer, the opposite sex looks better in the summer and I know that I like Andy better than snow.   I know that I like the sound of a 4stroke and I know that I like the smell of a 2stroke.

Early in December, I rode at Pete Laubmeier’s house in Cross Plains. He has about 25 acres of woods around his house, with a sandy base and a hillside. It makes for superb moto riding. Big fun.

Pete has a big garage/shop and keeps all his dirt bike stuff out there along with trucks and tractors and everything else. He has a great place with dirt bike trails, I mean come on. Who wouldn’t want that right outside your door. HE HAS DIRT BIKE TRAILS AT HIS HOUSE! (Yes, I did scream that out loud).

A boy and his dog!

Pete likes to ride around his yard with his dog on his handlebars.  The dog seems to dig it, and Pete does also, so I did not try to stop it.  I mean, who am I to tell him that is a bit weird, and to try to stop the dog from taking advantage of him.

Then, at the end of the month, (in fact, on Dec 31) I rode my bike in Illinois for 3 hours.  Dec 31! That whole thing is just unheard of around here.  Normally, we are buried under  huge piles of snow everywhere, the ground never to be seen, and me out of my mind with it all.

It was cold on the way down. yes, that says 18 degrees.

On the 29th, JD called and said “Hey, I am heading down to ride with Adam Bonneur, want to come along?”  Duh.  So, it was going to be 48 degrees (there is that banana belt thing again), and we could ride our dirt bikes??  Who wouldn’t want to do that?

Nothing like an early morning drive to ride your motorbike.!

We met Adam in Prophetstown.  You might recall, that Prophetstown has been the site of many an early season race put on by Bill Gusse.  They are muddy and sandy and sometimes snow covered and always hard (it’s march after all).  But, Prophetstown brings back some good memories.  I have never one there, but I have also never had a disaster of a race either.  All in all, good memories.

As we drove away from Prophetstown, I was a bit nervous.  We followed Adam Bonneur in his truck loaded full of bikes to an unnamed MX track on the back of someones field.  It felt a bit sketchy at first, but once we got around the backside of the field, it opened up to a great sandy MX track, a section of woods all nestled in a little valley.  Brilliant!

Following Adam to a slice of heaven, that is a place to ride.  It’s secret though, so cannot tell you where we were going.

So, the season will be here sooner than I know it.  It is January, and once March hits, it will be a full time effort to get to races and find riding areas.  I cannot wait.

In the mean time, take your riding wherever you can get it.



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