I Need A Time Machine!

Today I put the snow tires on Liz’s car. Its not hard, just takes a few minutes. But, it is a sobering experience. Anyway, it is a sure sign that winter is coming or maybe not. Either way, it cannot get here soon enough and through itself fast enough. Snow, frozen lakes, frozen ground…it’s just all too much for me.

So, I have been thinking about buying a time machine. Just a small one. It’s only me and my motorcycle that needs to transport. Think of it, if I had one I could leap forward and the race season would be here tomorrow. No sitting in the garage staring at the motorcycle wondering what the season will be like. There would be a lot less time on the trainer and a lot less time in the gym.

How much is a time machine? Do you think there is financing available? I would prefer if there was a way that I could borrow one for a while first. But, if I have to just make the plunge, I will.

I think this is a bigger time machine than I need.

I know it is easy to get ripped off when buying a time machine. You have to be careful. Uncle Ricco really got taken. Craigslist is just not the place to get a quality time machine.

In the end poor Napoleon. There really wasn’t very good quality control on that machine.

I actually think a time machine ought to be standard issue for everyone. It’s way better than a transport machine. But the one they had on Star Trek was pretty cool. What was really cool was the flip phones that they had. They made a cool sound when you opened them up. They also had Fazers. “Fazers set on stun Bones.”. “Every cell in his body has been disrupted.”. “I’m giving you all she’s got captain”. “Surrender Dorothy!”.

Today was the first strength workout in the gym, preparing for the next race season. It’s only Dec 4 is what your thinking. I know you. But, the season actually starts sooner than you think. There is the first national Enduro at the end of January. That is mostly a trail ride for me, but it is a race and it is only 2 months away. The first GNCC race for me will probably be in March – Georgia. It’s coming. It cannot get here soon enough.

A football is a stupid gift.

I need a time machine.

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