Basking in afterglow of the GNCC season

Just up this morning thinking that I wish there were more GNCC races to go to yet this year. So, since there aren’t, I’m consoling myself and reliving by watching GNCC race videos online. (it’s amazing how you can waste a lot of time doing that- I mean a lot of time, as in geez it’s like 3 hours later now).

Anyway, I found this one. This is from the snowshoe race. Snowshoe is the hardest GNCC there is. You have to be really tough. The format is completely different than other GNCC races. It is held at a ski are, so there is big big vertical. It is really really rough. I did this one in 2008, but I did not finish it. I had bike problems. It’s on my list to get back to, but I will have to harden up though before I do. Enjoy.

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