My most Awesome day at Loretta Lynn’s GNCC!

I won!  If you want to stop there, you can.  You can figure where this is going from here.  I am just going to go on and on about how much fun I was having and how awesome the whole thing was.  I did win, after all.  Hard to imagine not having fun when you win.  I mean, winning tends to make that course one of the best ones you have ever ridden, and it is hard to say that you didn’t ride very well when you win etc…  It was pretty much awesome.

Like I said, if you want to stop reading now, you should.  But, if you carry on, I hope to bring around at the end and make it worth it for you.

This is going to be blasphemy to some of you, but here goes.

Who is Loretta Lynn, and why should you care?  I do not really know the answer to this, just thought I would note that as well.   I mean, just like you I saw Sissy Spacek in that movie.  She spoke with a southern twang, and she sang both Country and Western songs.  I actually do not like either kind of music.  She talked about being a Coal Miners Daughter and all that, but what does all that mean to you and I in relation to an offroad race.  Not much, I suppose.  What is important about Loretta’s is that if you are an offroad motorcycle person, you recognize the name.

There is a Loretta Lynn museum there in Hurricane Mills.  I do not know if Loretta really lives there or not, but they surely love her there.  I had dinner at the restaurant there.  I can tell you this, Loretta may be able to sing but she is a crappy cook.

That is my friend Brian. Not sure who the guy is.

As the 2nd race of the double header, I was a bit concerned going into the race.  I mean, none of us had ever done a double header before.  I wasn’t really sure how my body or hands or… would respond to doing 3 hour races back to back.  Either way, I showed up on Sunday with a prepped bike, fresh gear and goggles and ready to go.

Things had dried out since the friday race and looked to be nearly perfect conditions, bordering on dry.  In fact, there were a couple of times that the trail even got a little bit dusty.

Lately, I have been having a really hard time with starts.  I just do not get good starts anymore.  I get the bike started on the first kick during the warm up and all the practice starts, but when the flag goes up I am just not getting it started.  I do not know if it is that I am just not kicking it well, or what.  Regardless, I was pretty much last going into the first turn again.

But that is where things changed for me.  When you watch the helmet cam video from my race, you will see me go from way back in the field to 2nd in just a few turns.  I went on to pass for the lead for good at about mile 6 of the race.  From there I never looked back and I never lost the lead.  I led from the first lap to the finish.

Woohoo!  I won!  I won my class at a GNCC!

Yep. I finally got to stand up on that podium.

This is my helmet cam video.  It is not great, but it shows the trail and my passes for the lead.  Enjoy.

The course was super rocky and technical.  There was a surprising amount of singletrack and a lot of loose rock.  I also would tell you that the trail has a lot of whoops in it and you have to ride pretty aggressive at all times.  It is not for the faint of heart.  I left the helmet cam out of my  time on the MX track.  I really suck at motocross.  You’ve heard the statement “White men can’t jump”?  In my case it should be “Old guys don’t jump.”

3 hours is a long race.  It is especially a long race 2 days after another 3 hour race.  I really need to thank my training partners Mary Grinacker and others for getting me there in shape to do it.  It was all just up to me.

Thanks to Mark Junge at Vesrah Suzuki.  My bikes have always been great, and right now I am really in tune with that bike and riding it better.  I would not say I am riding it well, because my teammate Scott goes a lot faster on the same bike.  But, I am finally riding it up to the pace of the front of my group at a GNCC.  I love my RMZ250.

Big thanks to Steve (@sctrojanatl) and Russel (@russaschneider) for taking care of me during the race.  They also put up with me being a bit frantic when I needed gloves and could not get them on.  Thanks to Brian Terry (@bterry15) for driving us all the way down there (who also had his own great races at his very first GNCC.  More power to you, as a double header is pretty big to take on for your first GNCC.)

I just needed to make sure I was not going to loose my Camelbak bite valve again!

I have no idea what to do with this.

One response to “My most Awesome day at Loretta Lynn’s GNCC!

  1. Steve McCollum

    That’s my new congrats named after Mr. Speedy Joe V!

    Glad I was there to witness the awesomeness that is Mr. Joe 😉

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