Are You Ready For GNCC Racing?

This is going to be an epic race weekend.
– A 12 hour drive each way with Brian Terry. I am sure that will provide at least a dozen new Brianisms. Those are almost as colorful as Mattisms. Although Mattisms feel high brow o me, they are said with an English accent, I suspect they are not really. Brian just said, “this trail mix has to be better for me than the Little Debbie bars I ate last time”. Definitely not high brow.
– 2 GNCC races set just 2 days apart. OMG that is going to be tough. I cannot wait though. I’m looking to carry the momentum from the ironman into LL. I did not have such a great race there in 2008, but I really did not have many great races that year. Bike and I were not as compatible, I had knee surgery… Yep, I was a wuss in other words. Going to go fast tomorrow.
– Hurricane Mills. What the hell is that all about. Pete Laubmeier would be jealous. I am certain there will be some meat in the somewhere.
– Loretta Lynn. We are racing at her ranch. I am figuring she is going to come and sing at he start or something. What do you think she actually does with that ranch? Rides horses, brands cattle?

Look for updates on twitter, some photos, I will run the helmet cam and put up a compilation of all my stupid moves. I promise you, there is 6 hours of racing, there will be at least 15 minutes of stupid.

Cheers. Stay tuned.



P.S. did you know I had a really good race 2 weeks ago? Did you check the videos I threw up?

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