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GNCC is well…badass!

Still doing the basking thing. Already counting the days till next season. Save theses. Your going to need them. It’s a long winter.

Basking in afterglow of the GNCC season

Just up this morning thinking that I wish there were more GNCC races to go to yet this year. So, since there aren’t, I’m consoling myself and reliving by watching GNCC race videos online. (it’s amazing how you can waste a lot of time doing that- I mean a lot of time, as in geez it’s like 3 hours later now). Continue reading

My most Awesome day at Loretta Lynn’s GNCC!

I won!  If you want to stop there, you can.  You can figure where this is going from here.  I am just going to go on and on about how much fun I was having and how awesome the whole thing was.  I did win, after all.  Hard to imagine not having fun when you win.  I mean, winning tends to make that course one of the best ones you have ever ridden, and it is hard to say that you didn’t ride very well when you win etc…  It was pretty much awesome.

Like I said, if you want to stop reading now, you should.  But, if you carry on, I hope to bring around at the end and make it worth it for you. Continue reading

Holy Cow! I Won! Loretta Lynn GNCC!

So today it finally happened. I won my class at a GNCC race. Loretta Lynn’s GNCC. I guess if your going to win one, this is a good one to win.

I finally got to get up on the GNCC podium

I will put up a full story later. But, HOLY COW! I WON!

Race One…Loretta Lynn’s 2011

We woke up this morning to…wait for it…wait for it…you guessed it…rain. Of course we did, it is a GNCC weekend. That is almost guaranteed to be rain. Brian said today, I put it down to another Brianism, but in reality it was pretty true, “if someplace is having a drought, all they need to do is host a GNCC and invite me to come. Guaranteed to rain”. GRRRR… he’s right though.

So, we started out with the Knights Inn in Hurricane Mills. Now I’m trying not to be a prima Donna, but geez. I think I am done with shitty hotels. And let me tell you about shitty. Brian says that he has stayed in worse places. Maybe I have also, but damn… This is really bad. Dirty, smelly, old, paper thin walls, freezing. Ugh… Pretty much shit. I have decided that I am a hotel snob, and damn proud of it. I will not be staying in shit hotels anymore. Continue reading

Are You Ready For GNCC Racing?

This is going to be an epic race weekend.
– A 12 hour drive each way with Brian Terry. I am sure that will provide at least a dozen new Brianisms. Those are almost as colorful as Mattisms. Although Mattisms feel high brow o me, they are said with an English accent, I suspect they are not really. Brian just said, “this trail mix has to be better for me than the Little Debbie bars I ate last time”. Definitely not high brow. Continue reading

Just cannot stop smiling about Ironman @gnccracing

Since I am STILL living in the afterglow of the Ironman, I thought I would share.  Here are some great little video’s found on the web of the race.


Continue reading