That Monkey is not taunting me any longer – #ironmangncc

Yep, I have shut that one up. Hopefully for good. I have been chasing a top 5 placing at the Ironman GNCC for what seems like FOREVER.

So let’s get it out now. The conditions were epic, the dirt was epic, there were 21 people on my row, I carded a 4th. The monkey is off my back. If you want to stop here, you can.

20111023-191328.jpg I’m not really a plaque kinda guy, but this is a GNCC after all.

If you read my last post, you know this has been a big deal to me. I have known that i wanted to get this one right for a long time. Somehow, it just kept eluding me. It all finally came together today. Damn did it feel good.

It did not start out that great though. In fact, the first few minutes felt like it was all going to go wrong again. But, I will get to all that later.

We arrived yesterday, and said hello to everyone, and then went out to do a track walk. The dirt was just perfect. But, there were some pretty scary mud holes, and since it is Ironman, there are also a bunch of HUGE hills. I must really live in the flatlands, as the hills at this race all seem really really big.

20111023-192218.jpg Look at that dirt! Amazing.

20111023-192758.jpg Mat had his bike all done up in pink! It was the GNCC that was donating to breast cancer research.

The gun went off on my race, almost on time. That is a big deal for a GNCC race. They usually do not start on time. My wave went off, and I got a horrible start. It took 3 kicks to get my bike started. Come on, what is up with that? It started both practice starts on the first try. Then the race happens, and it will not start. Geez!

I hit the first turn in dead last. 21st place. At that point, I thought it was happening to me again. I said to myself right there “this is not going to happen. I drove here again, and I am finishing in the top 5. We hit the timing tent at about 1 mile in. I was already in 11th. At the end of the 1st lap I was in 7th. At the 2nd lap, I was in 5th. When I stopped for gas, I was in 4th. I got passed while I was getting gas. I put nearly 3 minutes into that guy in the last lap, and was bearing down on 3rd.

YES! Finally I kicked that one.

20111023-193914.jpg finally I can justify sitting on the edge of that platform with a plaque!

20111023-194350.jpg Josh Strang had a rough race, but he looks good sporting a Vesrah Offroad tshirt!l

20111023-194623.jpg. Did I mention how much fun I had at the Ironman GNCC?

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