Let’s Do Ironmannnnnnn….

I have the Ozzy album Tribute To Randy Rhodes. On the cover it has an extra creepy Oz man looking straight at you, the listener. On that album he does the Deep Purple classic “Ironman”. It rocks. It also knda makes me wish I was still sporting the mullet. Not as much as listening to Mötley Crüe does, but you know…

I am torn between Ozzy’s “Let’s Do Ironman” guttural scream it to the rafters intro for that song on that album, or the traditional “Tennnnnn Sssseconndds!” GNCC intro as the intro to this blog entry. Either way, you have figured out about now hat it is Indiana GNCC time. Oh yeah.

The Ironman is the scene of the crime, so to speak. I mean to say, that it is the race that kinda kicked all of this into gear for Scott and I. Let’s see, revisionist history would put it something like this

– started racing locally in something like 2003. I think I came 3rd place n the B class on a used KDX200 that I had purchased from Roger Bird.
– I graduated up to a Yamaha YZ 250 after that, and was again 3rd in the B class.
– In 2005, we did the Ironman for the first time. I was completely taken with the race. The crowds, the field, the GP cornfield, the hills etc… Wow was all I could say. I had a horrible race. Fell in the first turn and lost my front brake. End of race early.
– in 2006 I graduated to a YZ 250F. I won the A class overall in D16HS racing. I went back to the Ironman GNCC race and finished 10th in the +40 class.
– In 2007, I shredded my knee in the middle of summer and could not do the Ironman in this year. But, the previous year is what started the ball rolling for Scott and I. This is the season where out of the blue one time I said to Scott, “We should do the whole GNCC series”.
– we collected sponsorship for the 2008 season and did the whole series.
That is kinda revisionist history, but that is pretty much how I got to the back seat of Mat’s van on the way down to the Ironman GNCC race, once again. This has to be the 5th or so time that I have done this race. I have had medium races there, and I have had bad races. I have gone somewhere between DNF’D and 7th. I have never had a good race there. I am still searching.

This mornings odyssey started at 5 am from my house. Mat picked up Scott and I there. I am stuffed into the back seat of the van writing a blog, following along with others on twitter. Basically being a Moto traveling knob.

Tennnn seconnndddss!



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