The End or Begining is Near

On the show Sesame Street, there was a muppet who would run up to the camera and scream NEAR, then run away from the camera and scream FAR. it was a brilliant way of showing the concepts. Sometimes I still struggle with those concepts. Take the season, for example (well don’t really take it, as I quite enjoy it). This season is almost over. It is unfortunate, as it seems to take forever to get here, then all of a sudden the leaves are falling off the trees and it is over.

Sometimes, this is how I feel about it as well.

Yet, at the same time, the new season is really not that far away. I guess that is how I came up with the Sesame Street reference. Well, that and I think Grover is about the coolest ever. Near…Far!!

So we had the world championship of D16 races last weekend – Dyracuse. A storied place (Oh, wait. I already used that term.) Ok, let’s just call it a place where a lot has happened for me in racing. Last year I won the race with a really great ride. It felt good, and Scott also won the overall and his class. That has not ever happened before. A day when we both won on the same day. I also clinched the A class there 3 years ago, when I came 2nd and Ben DNF’d. We were that close at the end of the season. I also lost the B class there about 5 years ago. I came into that race in the series lead, but smashed my exhaust pipe and struggled to finish in the top 5. The same thing happened to JD this year for the AA overall win. (Luke, trust your feelings, let the force guide you, come over to the dark side – or some crazy shit like that.)

But alas, I wrote about that race already, and even put up a crappy video showing how poorly I rode. I couldn’t win the overall there by winning, but I would have felt good ending the season with a better result there. Oh well.

So now I am gearing up to do the last 3 GNCC races. The Ironman in Indiana (the scene of the crime), and then the double GNCC race weekend at Loretta’s in Tenn. That is going to be tough. 2 GNCC 3 hour races in just 3 days. Ouch.

I wonder if she will be there also?

After those races, it will be full time working on the prep for next season. Actually, it all needs to start this weekend. Time to get sponsor update letters out and get confirmation of our plans to sponsors etc… There is also a full race calendar to organize.

But, this off season, there will be way more to do than normal. You will want to check back here in a couple weeks for some REALLY BIG news from Scott and I. Cannot say more yet, but we are working on some really big things.

So as I was saying, the new season is at the same time very far away and also very near.



One response to “The End or Begining is Near

  1. Can you get me some of those Honey Stinger waffles please?

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