2 days in China

Ever wonder what 2 days in China is like?

You are probably thinking terracotta soldiers and great wall and tiananmen square. Well that stuff is all there, and I am sure it is great, but I never get to see it. What I get to see is pretty much what you will see in this little video. Of course there is a bunch of work to be done, but after the work, when I would like to go see the great wall – I get to see this.


2 responses to “2 days in China

  1. Have you met yourself? Just tell them you are going to see the great wall and be done with it. Better yet, have a meeting there. On the wall. Just sayin’

  2. Hanna Vadeboncoeur

    well…this seems like a good time…i dunno what your talking about.

    lets go see the great wall???

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