Monthly Archives: April 2011

Cool video – again!

I will be putting a better blog entry up after the first local race this weekend. I promise that will be worth talking about. In the mean time, I will put up a video that I have put up before (but it rocks, so here it is).  I think that it is about the craziest video I can find.



2 days in China

Ever wonder what 2 days in China is like?

You are probably thinking terracotta soldiers and great wall and tiananmen square. Well that stuff is all there, and I am sure it is great, but I never get to see it. What I get to see is pretty much what you will see in this little video. Of course there is a bunch of work to be done, but after the work, when I would like to go see the great wall – I get to see this.


Supercool slow motion Paris Roubaix

I pulled this from Youtube.  I saw it first over at the Innerring.  Damn is all I can say.

Apparently shot with a Weisscam, a German-made high speed digital camera capable of 4,000 frames per second, it captures surprising details in slow motion. You can see the tubular tires deform on the cobbles, specks of dirt flying off the wheels, chains bouncing, handlebars jumping in riders hands, muscles bouncing all over…  This is exactly how I felt on Saturday last during our race.

It’s so detailed that some moments almost look as if they’d been shot in a studio, they’ve been staged, but then you soon come across a recognisable rider. Amazing, but it is all real.

I still cannot get over that it is over.  I did it.  I will definitely do it again next year.  I may start with Flanders first and then move on to Roubaix.



Leaving on a jet plane

Leaving on a jet plane. Yep. Sorry to put that song into your head, but… I am after all.

Flying to holland today. A meeting in Amersfort at our office on Thursday. Stop at the team hotels in Brugge/Kortrijk on Thursday eve. Go to the citizen race registration for the Paris-Roubaix on Friday. Ride the Hell Of The North on Saturday. Watch the big boys attack the cobbles on their romp to Roubaix on Sunday.

Yep, big events are coming hot and heavy now. God I love spring.

I hope to post up plenty of tweets and pictures and a few blog entries over the next weeks.