Perry Mountain 24hour race – need a Mechanic!

Scott and I are planning to do the 24hour race in Alabama, June 4-5.  It is a big deal.  We are planning to head down on Wed/Thur, we have everything all set up.  We have a camper, we have a pit space on pit row, we have our bikes all set up, we are prepping our bodies. etc…

We are planning to do a duo team.  Both of us on 2011 RMZ 250 (hopefully), or our current 2009 RMZ 250’s.  We have 2 people coming to do logistics and food.  Prepping food, prepping gear and other things around the camp.  We have 2 people coming to take video, and photos, manage helmet cam footage etc…  Our plan is to turn it all into a few short video to put on YouTube etc.., and a longer video to put up on our site and use in other places.  Should be fun.

We are not necessarily going there to try to win.  But, we are training hard and plan to have everything else lined up to have a good race.  But, we do not have a mechanic.


If you are interested, let us know.

Below is the flyer from the 2010 race.


Flyer from the 2010 race.



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