French Fitness Profile

Yep.  It is amazing what living in France for 5-6 weeks can do to a guys fitness.

As you know, we hatched a plan a long time ago to spend a bunch of time in France over Xmas holiday.  That was because our oldest daughter is going to school in Madrid.  And yes, you would be right in saying “Madrid is not in France.”  But, we have a philosophy at our house that Xmas should be spent somewhere with snow on the ground.  Madrid does not have snow.  French Alps do, so duh…

That trip turned into spending 3+ more weeks in Europe.  I had plenty of work to do while there, and I could travel back to France each weekend to see the family.  So that launched the French Family Vadeboncoeur adventure.  We have spent time in France, gone down to Italy for the day, skied when the snow is good, sung Juli Andrews songs etc…  It has been a good time.  Too much of a good time.

What does French Fitness Profile have to do with any of that, you might be asking now?  Well, my phone has a little app that tells me when key events are that are coming up.  Right now, it is telling me:

– 40 days till the National Enduro in SC.

– 81 days till the Citizen Paris Roubaix race.  (In Northern France, 148k of nasty windblown, rain on cobbles.  I will probably break my collarbone.)

– 103 days till the first D16 Harescrambles race.

– 138 days till the Perry Mountain 24hr challenge.  That is the big race that Scott and I signed up for.  2 man team, 24 hours of rip roaring HS racing.

So given the above schedule, I am a little bit freaked out about just how bad my fitness is right now.

Too much of this lately. I am in France, afterall. Hard to avoid.

Way to much of this also.

This weekend marks the end of the French Family Vadeboncoeur adventure.  It has been fun.   But, my phone app tells me that it is time to get back to preseason prep.

Time to overhaul my fitness and get rid of my French Fitness Profile.

Yipp yippee.


2 responses to “French Fitness Profile

  1. Thats what you think! Apparently Liz has a travel bag packed to the brim with that Nutella stuff lol!

  2. The French Nutella, which Lloyd says is not the same as anywhere else. That should be interpreted as ‘fatter’ than everywhere else.

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