Good Coffee Smile

Good Coffee Smile!

Everyone thinks something about coffee in the USA, and they think something about coffee in Europe. Depends who you are and what your history with coffee is. You might think that coffee is just right in the USA and too strong in Europe. Or, you might think that coffee is generally too week in the USA and just right in Europe. Either way, you would be wrong.

I generally like my coffee strong. I usually do not do coffee in the USA as it is just too week. I tend to prefer an espresso in the USA. I find that is about the only way to get strong enough coffee. I know what you are thinking, get over yourself Joe. I would be also. But, we all have our things. Mine is coffee. I have slays been the one that thought coffee was always better in Europe (the UK is not Europe, btw, because damn… That coffee sucks).

But, being halfway through this extended stint here in Europe, I can tell you that European coffee is not all created equal. They serve it up like it is something special. But, sometimes it just looks the part. I have generally had crummy coffee in Chatel. Chatel is one of my favorite places in all of Europe, but it is not for the coffee.  Mountains, skiing, people, scenery – all.  Coffee, no.


The usual coffee at a restaurant in Chatel.

I have tried 3-4 places here in Chatel.  I will try more.  They can do a good cup of hot chocolate pretty well at Le Perriere, but I think the espresso is just ok.  Others have told me the Grissly pub was the ticket, but I did not think it so great.

I did finally have s great little espresso at the Italian restaurant that Salva took me to near our office in Zurich.  It was at an Italian place, and it was an excellent cup of coffee.  Go figure, eh…  Italians and coffee.

So, I am continuing to look for the best coffee/espresso in Chatel.  I’ve got next weekend, then a few days the following week.  That is my quest.

So I do not really know what the UCC Good Coffee Smile logo is all about.  It is Japanese, and lots of times those translations really do not work so well.  But, you would think that someone would have done some research and discovered that it did not really make sense.

Good Coffee Smile

3 responses to “Good Coffee Smile

  1. I’d be interested in how you find the coffee over this way ( NZ )
    I’ve never had a bad one from this place..

    one for you list!

  2. Best coffee in Chatel is out of my Nesspresso machine in my house lol. Swiss side of border is probably better for coffee!

  3. Bar Italia in London. I could have sent you there that day you were here if, you know, you had told me. :-p

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