French family Vadeboncoeur

Tomorrow, we are starting an adventure. A pretty big adventure. If you follow along, you know that my job takes me all over the place. Sometimes to great places (Tour de France, Italy to do a bike ride, etc…), sometimes that job takes me places that are not as great (a dealer meeting in Japan, a factory in China, etc…). I travel a lot.

Fortunately, my wife loves to travel also. She rides her bike and generally only comes on the glory trips (Paris to watch the end of the TDF, Germany to a bike show etc…), to her all traveling is a pretty good deal. She doesn’t really see the bad trips, so thinks that my job is ALWAYS good trips. What is the big deal?

Because my kids have always been around traveling, they got the travel bug early in life. they have been more places than people there age should have been. My oldest daughter is currently living in Spain. They call all my trips, vacations.

Because of all of that, we decided to spend the next 1.5 months in Europe. Wow, that is a long trip. I have not really gone on a trip that long. There is the issue of leaving someone to watch the house, the mail stopped, paying bills in advance, setting up someone to shovel after a snow storm. All that is pretty manageable though. You kinda figure that all out.

The hard part I did not anticipate is, the packing. What do you take for 5 weeks?

OMG, the luggage!

Follow along here, and I will write about the adventure as much as I can. I will take photos along the way, and post those also.


4 responses to “French family Vadeboncoeur

  1. FYI, I, Liz, have my bags packed and the whole house ready, bills paid, services scheduled etc. …….. Joe is faffing about, somewhat cranky, complaining about how much he has to pack. It’s kinda funny. I left and went to the gym, came back and realized he had been blogging when he could have been done with his packing.

  2. is your blog snowing?

  3. Hey Joe and Liz,

    Safe travels to you guys. Enjoy the adventure! Liam and I are hoping to catch up with you guys in France.

  4. Another role reversal example, I see. I am also the fast packer of the family, which probably comes as no surprise.

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