Airplane food really sucks.

I know this surprises many of you, but airplane food really is crappy. Everyone reading this has had better food than on an airplane. Some of you have had worse food, many of you have not.

I mean, how hard is it? Some soup, a salad, decent bread. At breakfast, some granola and fruit. It really shouldn’t be that hard. Don’t get fancy. Fancy just disappoints.

And damn, if I am asleep – don’t wake me up to give me that crap. Do you think that I actually bought this airplane ticket for the food?

And what is up with the stupid linens put under your tray when up in business class? Is that supposed to make the crummy food feel more special? Please, put down a table cloth to give me some over steamed eggs.

First up against the wall when the revolution comes.

One response to “Airplane food really sucks.

  1. Wait, I thought loud phone talkers were first up against the wall? Or people who block the aisles in stores with huge shopping carts or huge strollers? Or people who drive slow in the fast lane? Maybe that’s just me.

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