Church of the Latter Day Dude, Waffle House, Huddle House

This is a post about a few random things. As the title suggests, the Dude will abide. But, how will the Waffle House and that great and ubiquitous copy, the Huddle House play into it all?

This week, I am down in Arkansas at our annual redneck extravaganza of MTB riding, beer drinking, burning stuff, cousin laughing, burning stuff, more beer drinking, more MTB riding, more burning stuff etc… After all, we are not stopping until there is blood-or at least until we are told to stop. The Sheriff is here after all.

We have done a night ride, 3-4 XC rides, some dirt jump time…basic mountain bike extravaganza.  We have drank too much beer, we have eaten too much etc…  Tonight, we plan to burn more stuff.

So what does the Huddle House or the Waffle House have to do with it all?  That is the basic question in all of this.  They are not really that much different than each other.  They both serve breakfast, pretty much any time you walk in.  They both have a raspy voice smoker who greets you at the door and suggests that you can sit where you like.  They both serve really bad coffee.  They both have a waitress that will call you “Hun” when they take your order.  They both have some old guys sitting at the counter, they are there every day.  They both have a few guys that are there just trying to get breakfast because they have a hard day of work ahead of them. etc…  All of that is good stuff.

The Huddle House has a more expensive and modern interior.  The Huddle house has a much more sporty color scheme (red and white), the Waffle House uses a more reliable black and yellow color scheme.  The Waffle House is more classic, dirtier, greasier, and not as nice of an experience.  But, there really isn’t a classic line about the Huddle House.

The Dude would end up at the Waffle House.  Check the website.  Church of the Latter Day Dude. Dudeism is hard to beat.  I mean, just think of it, you can be ordained in the church and be just like the Dude. You could wear the same serape every day and  drink white Russians.  Plus, I hate Nihilists, although In-n-Out burger is a good burger.

Regardless, there is a classic line in a movie called “Ladykilers”, from somewhere in the 90’s.  The movie is not important, but the line about the Waffle House in the movie is what makes the Waffle House the classic place and the place to eat.  After a heist, the gang was meeting up at the Waffle House, and one of the guys brings his girl along.  Another of the gang cannot get over that.  “You brought your bitch to the Waffle House?”, is repeated over and over again.

The point is, the Waffle House is not for the faint of heart.  It is for people with a commitment.  It requires commitment of its patrons.  You cannot just show up at the Waffle House and expect that you are going to have a great experience.  You just have to accept what comes your way at the Waffle House.

That’s about it for me and the Dude.




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